JRSMITH JEWELLERY by Josefine Rønsholt Smith, a Goldsmith and Master of Arts specializing in jewellery.

My focus has been to challenge traditional jewellery designs, while respecting the origins of the materials that I work with. I remain pleasantly surprised by public concept of jewellery design, and utilize such occasions to transcend these norms.

As objects can evoke memories, I am interested in the exploration of our relationships with jewellery, and the diverse ways in which we connect with objects. I believe that our cultural contexts play a defining role in our attraction to objects, reminding us of our fascination with the impressions of life.

I design my custom work by firstly, spending time understanding who it is that I am creating for. I try to connect a characteristic of that person into the design of the piece.

The emergence of my custom designs into instant and future heirlooms, are stories before their creation, and hold a perpetual sentimental value from the moment it leaves my hands.

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