I am always quite happy to polish and buff up older pieces made in my studio, but here are some tips to keeping your jewellery sparkly and clean.

Gold and Gemstones
-Prepare a cup of hot water and dish detergent and leave the piece in over night.
-Brush the stone with a soft toothbrush, remember the bottom of the stone
-Wipe the piece with a soft and clean dish towel or polishing cloth

Silver Rings and tarnish/oxidation

-It is generally a good idea to store silver jewellery in an airtight zip lock bag as it prevents oxidation
-Please avoid Silver dip and other chemical polishing pastes or liquids as they open the surface of the silver and make tarnishing appear much faster afterwards
-Use a dry and soft polishing cloth or dish towel to gently polish the surface

Pearls and Amber
-Try to avoid soap as it tends to dry it out in time
-If you are not wearing your amber or pearls often, remember to touch them frequently as they will loose their lustre without contact with your skin

-Try to avoid soap
-A little Olive Oil every once in a while will do magic!