Photography by J. Shotti

Photography by Aske Rif Torbensen

-My jewellery is as much about intimacy between a wearer and the objects, as it is about intimacy between a wearer and a viewer. This interaction seems to be the key to a long lasting product relationship as the object has the potential to create a dialogue and connection between people-

-In a world saturated with products I find that as a maker it is my responsibility to find a reason for contributing more products. My intention is to make jewellery that is appreciated as keep-sakes, which have value beyond monetary costs with the capacity for emotional investment. I believe that it is possible to create jewellery that has relevance beyond the first desire to own and consume.

This body of work has sprung from my interest in materials, and specifically wood. By recognizing what naturally occurs in the wood and exploiting those qualities, such as mirroring wood patterns, I create intriguing tactile surfaces.

In my work, I am capturing abstractions and elements of functional objects that evoke associations with tools or totems and therefore elicit familiarity. I am interested in how we then connect with these objects based on our cultural contexts and conditioned tastes. It is an exploration of how our visual heritage triggers memories, which determines our attraction to an object. I encourage the viewer and the wearer to consider intimacy and emotional durability within an object.-